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24 Sep 2003
Konnichiwa, boku wa Michiel-san

And that's just about all the Japanese I know right now.
So hello everyone and greetings. My name is none of your concern and I am kind of a new member, well I've been more of a lurker up to now, but that doesn't mean I wont carry on lurking. I am a student who lives with his mother in the Netherlands. I am studying various topics in the IT line of things... And I plan on going to Japan in the coming years for an intensive language study course. Oh yes, and I also plan to eventually live there and all that kind of crazy stuff, probbably like half of the members here.

Well, bye for now and what not.👏
Hajimemashite Micheil-san!🙂

Watakushi no nomae wa Gina desu!!
But you can call me G-chan!
Welcome and enjoy-nyo!:)

--Your fellow wannabe Japanese citizen:clap:
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