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10 Oct 2003
washita wa anil desu!

hi all, just a brief hello and intro. I've been learning Japanese language for three weeks now at an Adult Education Centre here in London (Hammersmith) and I love the challenge of the class and homework!

I worked for a Japanese games company for quite a few years where my interest grew and I'd always picked up phrases/words. Now I'm learning purely out of interest. :)

I've only just discovered this website, so I'll be poking around in the various forums getting stuck in.

will I find any native Japanese speakers in London with whom I can converse? We'll soon see!

arigato gazaimasu.

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konnichiwa anil-san!

hajimemashite? dozo yoroshiku

heh heh, just practicing my basic japanese there...ive been learnin for a month or two.

have fun on the forum...ive been on it about a week - its really friendly and there'll be lots of help with nihongo!

konnichiwa jon-san!

hajimemashite? dozo yoroshiku.

What are you using to study? I've got the Japanese for Busy People book and CDs. Mark-san, who's sitting a few metres away from me here at the office is also studying with me in the same class.

We throw each other sentences and write on the whiteboard during the day.

Are you attending classes?

im using a book + cd called 'teach yourself'. its only a six week thing but its been good to start with. is the 'japanese for busy people' book good? i was lookin at that in the book shop the other day.

but i also started lessons at a local college a few weeks ago and theyve been good so far, especially with kanji...and they also help in that you need to interact to help learn - just books are ok, but you need interaction really.

in fact, my next lesson is tomorrow morning! 😄
I think the Japanese for Busy People is really good, and it's the recommended textbook for my class.

But like you say, regular practise and conversation with others is what you need to to be able to progress. Do you have a big class?

Are you already learning kanji? We started with hiragana a few weeks ago and it's very stimulating, for want of a better word!

Anyway, I'm off to plan my evening out.

have a good weekend,


i might just get that book next then!

my class has about 15 people which is more then i expected really as i live in a pretty small town, but its a good mix of people, young and old etc

the sensei is a bit barmy - she has us raising our fists and shouting 'Gambate!' as loud as we can - we get funny looks off the people at reception as we leave :D

weve only just started the very basics of kanji

sayonara anil-san!
Konnichiwa GunstarHero-san!

Hi Anil, welcome and hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum!🙂

Hallo Anil,

Wie gehts? Mir gehts gut!

oh..wrong forum...

Ikaga desu ka? Watashi mo London ni sunde imasu. Boku wa "Linguaphone Nihongo" o yonde iru. Ma-ma, fu-fu ne...

"Adult Education Centre" no namae wa nan' desu ka?

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