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21 Feb 2003

I've just found this great site, and am so pleased there are so many nice, helpful people here!

I'm moving to Japan in April to teach English, and am trying hard to learn as much as I can about the language and people and culture before I go.

I hope to be a frequent visitor to this site, and that I can learn a lot, as well as help people too.
Konnichiwa Joanna-san!
Welcome and hajimemashite! Please enjoy this site and get information about Japan.;)

arigato :)

I've spent far too long on here today already, though have learnt lots of things..... the most important of which - not to dip the rice side of my sushi into the shoyu! :D
Lolol, my wife does it the other way around, pouring the shoyu over the sushi, an un-Japanese habit I adopted.


Btw, where in Japan will you be teaching?
I did that before too ;)

I'm still waiting for the full details of location.... it could be anywhere apart from Hokkaido.

I should find out in the next week or so, but I want to find out soon!

Let us know once you find out more - we're a curious bunch here! :)
I will do Thomas. :)

Quick question.

I just wondered what those kanji icons are in the bar at the side under the member names?
Are they something to do with Chess pieces, I looked up a few of them and discovered mine meant Pawn. Is this right?
hi, me again.

I found out I'm going to be in Kansai region, so I assume that's either going to be Osaka or Kyoto.

I'm getting more and more excited now, although am having trouble deciding what to pack!

Can anyone tell me what the temperature is like there at the moment? I'm living in woolly jumpers in Scotland, but hope I don't need them in Japan :)
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