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Konnichiwa Peoples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15 Mar 2002
Hello I`am Sakutaro Satoshi,an advanced human(I`m just doing this for fun)who used to be a super human with ultra mega superpowers,I used to be The Indigo Hornet and Haruko was The Fuschia Hornet.Until Mecha Mechanica`s Leader and Amarao`s father Amaraon kidnapped us,then turned into advanced humans,we killed his father,the whole building,and tore it down,until it fell underground.They returned again,when Haruko told me she was going to see some victims to find,then she returned when I was battling,defeating villains,and destroying over 200,000,000 gigantic 2000 foot robots,creatures,and aliens.We went back to Metabase,where she said she had stopped Amarao`s business,but he returned and had a son with Kitsuribumi named Amaroa II................Now we are defeating all those things,flirting with our crushes,and just being friends(we don`t love as b/g friend,just best friends love which is stronger).

so mata kondo


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welcome. Sakutaro Satoshi ^-^ you got tonz of imagination, use it its a great quality.
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