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Konnichiwa~ New user here with ya


18 Sep 2002
Hi all ..my name is Ahmed (I've tried to translate it to Japanese, so it comes like this "A-FU-ME-DO" hehe weird)
I'm from the United Arab Emirates ..maybe some of u don't know it, but I hope u know it lol: clap.
U know some ppl think I'm weird cos I like the Japanese, music, movies, & there stuff cos here its hard to find some 1 like this things..I just wanted to introduce my self here I hope I have friends cos I've searched much to find this forum. I hope all like me. 👍
hehe .. thnx for welcoming me :D ..
thomas u know arabic ;) !!..
shokran lak :) (this is perfect arabic)
Afwan. :)

Unfortunately, most of my classical Arabic is in limbo, although I'm still able to read and write.
welcome and yoroshiku.

Have you tired .... a-medo with a dash to draw out the ahhh sound.
oops, I hope I'm visuallizing the pronuciation for your name properly.
The "h" in Ahmad is actually pronounced, sort of hissing, but not as "kh" (as in Kazakhstan).
the problem there is many words cant be translated to other languiges cos arabic has diffrent type of pronounce u can say liitile same as japanese but in diffrent way ..

its like that pronounced in arabic
the AHH i couldint find it in japanese for that it was FU :) lol
& thynx again for welcoming me ;)
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