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Konnichiwa minna desu

15 Jul 2003
Hi everybody! I'm new here. I love JPOP and JROCK. And of course, I love Gackt!!!!! :p I need songs and clips and PVS and concerts and lives and all about him!!!!
Does somebody know how I can get ALL his songs? And videos... or some of them ^O^ I want to get interviews too!!
By the way, two things more please:
🙂 I'd like to know something about the interview in which Gackt said he is bisexual, and if somebody can help me to get that interview... thanks.
I want to know something more about Gackt and Hyde... I think they drank too much together... 😊
Thank you very much, everybody!
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu minna!

konnichiwa lolita san. atashi ga gackt PV aru yo. anata wa Gackt no PV hoshi naaa? ^.^ I'll be glad to give you all the ones i have. Gackt to Ai Kago no date wa cho kawaii da yo! "komaruuu" :D I also have many songs on my computer! I'll be glad to give :)
Thank you very much

Konnichiwa Malice Mices sama! Genki?
Malice Mices sama to hanasete tanoshikatta desu yo!
Thank you very much because of your answer 🙂 . I'll tell you all I've:
Gackt Camui,,,
Emu for my dear (live)
Mizerable (live)
Mizerable (PV)
Rain on TV (live)
Seki Ray (PV)
U+K (live)
Vanilla (PV)
Another world
Asrun dream
Blue (piano solo)
Emu for my dear
Illness illusion
Kimi no tameni dekiru koto
Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto (orchestral)
Secret garden
To feel the fire
Wasurenai kara
Malice Mizer (Introduction of Gackt)
TV Gackt and Hamasaki Ayumi sing X-mas show 24-12-01
Gackt, Kinki Kids + Chemistry Exchanging gifts PopJam
Gackt, Kinki Kids, drum PopJam
TV Domoto, Gackt read news
Aibon Attacks (Morning Musume)
Gackt in an elevator with Morning Musume
Domoto, Gackt birthday
Domoyo Kyoudai- Gackt doing parapara dance
Faye Wong and Gackt talking
Gackt 'kiss' with Shingo Mama
Gackt CM 40 Mero Mix
Gackt TV- Kiss Tsuyoshi Domoto
Gackt and Morning Musume, Gackt and Kago talking dating PopJam (Sub-English) (This is the one you said, I think ^^)
Gackt- afraid of trains
Gackt- Hilarious interview 3 (Sub-English ``I think ^^U'')
Gackt, Domoto Kyoudai Tooth Brushing
Gackt makes a Gundam impression
Gackt vs Eriko Roller Coaster
Domoto Kyoudai- Gackt Mistake in Hong Kong
Gackt Hidden Meat (this one is brilliant^^)
Gackt and Ayumi Talk
Gackt impersonator is surprised by real Gackt
Gackt, Kinki Kids, Gackt like
Gackt speaks Mandarin with Vivian Hsu
Gackt HeyHeyHey3
Gackt Soft
Gackt Heyx3 aka Gackt's underwear commercial
Hyde and Gackt talking- Moon Child
Kago (Morning Musume)
Koko (Morning Musume)
Malice Mizer interview (Gackt and Kami with live clips)
Morning Musume TV- Ayaka's English lesson (Mari)
Morning Musume - Natsumi Abe speaks English, 02
Morning Musume PopJam Christmas Special
Namie Amuro, Gackt dancing, Kinki Kids, 2001-05
Tsuyoshi Domoto imitates Gackt, PopJam
Utaban, Gackt2 Matrix (SubEnglish)
That's all I've. I have some songs and PVs, lives about Malice Mizer or another JRock and Jpop groups. But it isn't too much. I just have MSN messenger. Gomen ne... 😭
I haven't too much, but... 😌 at least... so if you have got an MSN messenger account, you can add me.
This way, if you haven't something I've I can send you, and you can send me files I haven't too!
🙂 Thank you very much 🙂
See you soon!
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suuugoii atashi wa "Malice Mices-SAMA" des ka? fuufuufuu 😊 iie iie! atashi no nihon no namae ha "Matsumoto Manakei" desu, Mana chan desu ne ;)
ohh daijyobu desu yo! msn messenger aru yo!
atashi no adress wa: moializeemana[at]msn.com ^.^ I'll add you to my list.
naaa you have so many Gackt PVs!!! O_O *looks over the list to see which one she has*
I have alot of Malice Mizer and hide and even moring musume pvs (i have a think for thier cute songs :sorry: ) I also have Psyco le Cemu and many others ^.^
Here are some Gackt ones I have that you do not:
Gackt PV
Vanilla (night version)
kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Secret Garden (live)
Nine Spiral (Live)
Kimigayo (national anthem live)
Ashrum Dream (live)
All of the "Moon" Album
If you want anything else like Malice mizer or hide, feel free to ask, i have so many thigns i can't list them all here :eek: saa, jane lolita chan! 😄
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Ok then!

Ohayou gozaimasu!
Mou ok desu yo Mana chan wa ii desu, ne, keredo, anata no tameni, sama wa ii yo, ne! Excuse me for the mistake with your name 🙂 Gomen kudasai :sorry: I'll write to your e-mail address, then, is it ok? 👍
Thank you very much. I finally am downloading some songs by Kazaa. I'll tell you all news I've as soon as I can. 🙂
Thank you very much again!
See you soon!
heehee daijyobu ne! "gomen nasai" muyo! *anatao wo dekishimeluuuu* heehee, americajin ya "joke" suki yo ^.^ I'll see you around MSN then ,ne! *feels special becuse Lolita chan calls me "sama" :)!!!!*
Originally posted by EienGothicLolita
Hi everybody! I'm new here. I love JPOP and JROCK. And of course I love Gackt!!!!! :p I need songs and clips and pvs and concerts and lives and all about him!!!!
Somebody know how can I get ALL his songs? And videos... or some of them ^O^ I wanna get interviews too!!

If your his fan , you should be buying his videos/cds....

Konnichiwa Gaki san もう、大丈夫だよ!I'm trying to buy Gackt's CDs and videos too. I already have a lot of them, and I'm trying to get some news. ^^ Don't be angry of course I buy all I can about Gackt ごめんください、excuse me I know it maybe sounds strange ^^ but I already have a lot of Gackt's CDs, videos, posters etc. I am just looking at what there are internet via, and more of them, interviews. :sorry: Gomen ne because of this!
ne, nihonjin ga cho lucky desu. In america, we cannot get Japanese CDs other than over the internet, and even then they are very expensive. I don't like pirating mp3's or videos but franky...I have to, I don't hav much money to buy things >_< But I agree, if you have money and the means of which to buy thigns, suppot your artists and buy thier things ;)
You dont have to feel sorry, if you have original copy and mp3 then it's ok.

If you are just listening to mp3 and have no intention to buy cd then it's bad..
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