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Konnichiwa! Koji's back!


16 Apr 2002
Koji has been gone for a long time and used to be one of the most devoted to the forum. Koji has learned to design web sites and runs his own Star Wars web site. Star Wars is very very big in Japan. He hopes that after he finishes his Star Wars web site that he will be able to make a Japan web site too. Say hi or Konnichiwa to Koji-chan if you see me on the forum. Things seem to have changed... a little.
hey koji:clap:
we missed you so much!!!🙂
welcome back and please dont feel a stranger! topics might have changed but the members are all the same,, "SWEET, CURDIOUS, AND VERY WELCOMING" nice to see back at the board, and please feel at home!!!🙂
Thanks! Have any of you visited my web site? As I said I design web sites know and my own is about Star Wars. Star Wars is very big in Japan, the only other county besides the US that has a convention celebration after the releases of Star Wars. My site URL is www.geocities.com/starwarsjediknight2002. I know I'm very welcome here, I am still very bissy with designing my site, as it will take about a year to finish still. GO STAR WARS!!!!!
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