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Konnichiwa! Hello, everyone!


F'ing rawkstaw, beeatch!
6 Oct 2003
Hi to everyone here at the forums. I already like the looks of the place, and I've only been here for five minutes - had to join!

I'm 16, female, and from the US. Proud owner of the hardedge network (link in sig), and I'm interested in learning Japanese, even though I only really know five words at most.

I love music - I listen to a LOT of Gackt - he's awesome! Ayumi Hamasaki is really good too...then I like too much American stuff to name, hehe.

So, hi, just thought I'd introduce myself before I go on a learning rampage!
Konnichiwa Arishi-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese!🙂

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