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Konnichiwa gozaimasu


17 Mar 2015
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My name is Terryl, and I am from Alaska. My Japanese nickname is Teru, and other friends call me Sky because of my blue eyes. Also "Terryl" is difficult to pronounce to some ESL students. I have been to Japan several times and I love the Japanese language (I have learned some), the culture, the land, and of course sushi and sake! I have some very wonderful Japanese friends in Japan and other places in the world. Last year I was able to visit Osaka castle on a "layover" while traveling from Alaska to Thailand. It was very special to visit Japan again. In the future I would like to spend time in small Japanese villages.

By the way, I am an English teacher. Sometimes I teach in schools, but mostly on Skype.

Nice to meet you all! Matane!
Teru San :emoji_wink:
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