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Kon'nichi wa - I'm New Here


6 Nov 2003
Hi. I just registered for these forums. I've been looking for a cool Japanese-related place to hangout. I'm an American, interested in learning more about Japanese culture & the language.

I like to drink, I prefer Japanese girls, I enjoy art & films, surrealism, music & Anime. Video games, too. RPGs.

So, 🙂 - glad to be here!
surrealism is that sh*t!!!

welcome to the forum and you should have no problem haning out here and learning more about japan and japanese things.
Thanks for the welcome! 🙂

Yeah, I love surrealism. I do a lot of surreal art myself, from paintings to digital art. I mostly enjoy combining images of the female form w/ emotional aspects of darkness and light, based on my own personal interpretations, of course. I use a lot of my own photography, too.

Anyway, thanx again. Time to start diving into threads!

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