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Kon'nichi wa! Hello!


18 Dec 2003
Kon'nichi wa. Watashi wa CA_messtizo desu. Hajimemashite. I am a newbee in Japanese, and more comfortable with English, so, Doozo yoroshiku.

iie, dewa arimasen. igirisu-jin desu.

how much japanese do you know? are you in classes or learning on ur own? ive been doing it for about 5/6 months. its going quite well (i think :D )
started a long time ago, as the 1st foreign language in school, but gave up only after 2 months... meet some Japanese friends recently and decided to pick those up :) , of course, on myself
well... only started studying Japanese a few months ago (only one class a week though unfortunately)so new in that...
but I actually meant new to forum lol
same here... though I can probably remember more Hiragana than Katakana... and Kanji I just have to look up...
Hi CA_Mestizo,

You speak Chinese... Are you from Chinese descent or just a language learner ?
I am learning Chinese too, but my progress are very slow...
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