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18 Jan 2004
Konichiwa! Watashi wa Musoka-San desu, dozo yoroshiku. Watashi wa manga-ka desu, watashi wa otaku desu.

Hey! I'm Musoka, nice to meet you! I am a manga-ka(beginning one) and a otaku!
Hey! I was looking at some of your posts and wondering if you were dmac...whats up with the name?

Thanks for the welcoming! I appreciate it!

Whats an advisor do by the way?
meh, i dunno what's up with the name... it's just the name i use for games and stuff where there's noone that i know 😄
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

I am proud to be a member of this forum...

What do mentors do? So many classifications I am new too @_@
hiya musoka and welcome,
advisors, tutors and mentors are basicly moderators under different names. anyway have fun on the forum.
Ah thanks for the info, I really didnt understand the positions since this is one of my first vbulletin board joinings.

Arent hajimemashite and yoroshiku the same thing? I remember reading them in a reference book and I think they are the same

Ah, so many warm welcomes to this forum. I feel apart of the group now. Thanks ^_^
@ Musoka
mentor!!! Hmm well, I've been here a long time and I"m just wonderful, hehehe. I really can't advise on anything Japanese as I can't speak it, but I interact with all the members when I can, I hope that answered your question Musoka, clap: 😄 and as jeisan so wonderfully put it we are all brilliant 😊 (in our own wee way). 🙂
Konnichiwa Musoka -san!

Hajimemashite and Yoroshiku are Japanese greetings.
Hajimemashite is used for a person who is first meeting. Yoroshiku means "Nice to meet you".

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