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16 Jul 2003
Hey everyone. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Alex,i'm from Nottingham,England, i became intrested in all things japenese through my girlfriend Alice (now ex) (who,is japenese,heh). I enjoy everything about the japenese culture and i throughly enjoyed staying with a japenese family when i went to see her :) I'm quite into japenese music (especially j-indie,merzbow,melt banana,sigh, to name a few) and VERY into the cute girls. i'm a musician and i play quite a few instruments and am in a few bands. At the moment i'm studying Journalism. so.....speak to me ,woo
heehee hi pulse! I'ma cute girl but I'm not japanese, sorry! :p welcome to the boards! I've always wanted to play an instrament *envy envy* and jornalism is fun stuff! would you belive i got a 96 in my jornalism class for doing the comic strip 😊 muahaha
heeheehee *imagines the british accent, hypnotized* who huh? wha? lol. I'm doing ok! I won a Gardenia CD on Ebay and I have to wait 9 hours to see if i win another hard to find J-CD ^.^ I hope I win it, I love the malice mizer :good: Nee I'm american wee, don't you just LOVE us yanks? :D heehee that was a joke



Anway, I'm actually first generation immagrent belive it or not. My father's family was from germany and whales, and my mom's was from italy. So now that you know my whole life's story 😊

anata mo genki desu ka? 😄
haha,what is it with american girls loving the british accent? lol

so you won a CD eh? lucky you hehe,i ******* LOVE japenese pop/rock stuff, i'm going to see MELT BANANA when they come to England in November,should be damn right amazing 🙂

you into any of their stuff?
nah, I'm into the older bands like Malice Mizer and hide and all. I just can't seem to get into the newerstuff, less they be somehow connected to my old favorites, Like Klaha or Moi Dix Mois, looove moi dix mois <333

And american girls love the accent becuse...its...just....GOD!!!!! :D
yeah,my ex alice used to be into Malice Mizer.....i dont like them myself,odd band. ehehe.

so basically,if i went to the USA and spoke some british lingo,i'd get layed eh? ;) haha
...depends, you need a hot person and personality to go with that voice of yours :p. muaaaa Malice Mizer <3333 that's ok though MtM is an aqured taste, like sushi, and anchovies and wine, all of which i like heehee.
hahah thats me done then,i dont have that hot body :p

mmmn i've really been digging a nice cold glass of white wine on a hot day recently.

so how old are you?
i'm 18, either really young or really old or just....really ... heehee. Mrrr I'm trying to contact my ro m mate for collage, but she's no where to be found >.< *hunts her with a butterfly net*
Well as soon as school starts *in august* I'll be studying Digital art and multimedia design with a minor in marketing ^.^ fun fun stuffo-s
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