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5 Jul 2003
hello everyone!

my name is tyrone! i am very happy to be on this site. it is very nice to see so many other people interested in japan!

i am a 26 year old african american male who has been interested in japan since i started martial arts and saw my first episode of gatchaman at the age of five! i love it all. i am very interested in asian culture! and when i say that, i really mean it. i am a artist, and i would love to make my own manga some day. but dont let that make you think i want to live in japan becouse i like dragon ball z or something. hahahaha. there are so many things that are beautiful about japan. my dream is to live there, and become famous! i dont care if it is for art for comedy or for acting! my goal is to be super famous one day in japan. hahahaha sound strange? well mabey it is, but WATASHI HA HEN NA HITO (my japanese is crap), so i dont care at all about other peoples thoughts or whatever may stand in my way! i hope i can gain a lot of info from everyone on this site about any and everything in japan! i will be living in okayama soon. so if anyone lives there please send me a message! also, if any of you out there are manga artist, please talk to me! i want to learn more! see you everyone! nice to be here!
Greetings and welcome Tyrone. Best of luck with pursuing a career as a manga artist and realizing your dream of living in Japan someday. I hope it comes to fruition for you.
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