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8 Mar 2004
Hey everyone, thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Jd ,and (big surprise) I'm into Japanese things!

Namely music, film and der women :p . I'm also priviledged enough to have competed for and won a 6 month spot in Honshu at a Red Cross hospital working with the nurses, starting from September, and I can't wait to see Japan for the first time.

That sounds like a great program. I wonder if they can use CNA/HHA's with 10 years experience? That sounds like a better way to go then teaching English! Can you tell us a little more about that program; I bet lots of young people would like to go! WELCOME to the Forum!!


It's run by an organisation called GAP, for UK students leaving college to go to University, who want to take a year out in between. It's not just japan, and they offer teaching placements, but I think they're female only. They send around 30 people a year to japan. GAP
Oh Well, I'm In The States So S.o.l. As They Say!

Boy, if it would get me to Japan, I'd dress as a woman & wax regulaly. Guess I'll have to sneak into the wheel-well of a plane bound for Japan. Thanks for the info, and hope you enjoy your time on the Forum! You can search back through old posts and find tons of info on going to Japan.


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