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Okami Jeiku

18 Dec 2016
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I like to introduce myself formally when a forum allows one to do so, or more specifically gives us a place to do it. This forum allowed me to, so here I am!

About me, I'm 28 years old, live on the east coast of the United States of America a country I am alternatively proud and ashamed of, depending on the day. I've had a strong fascination with Japanese culture since I was a kid, right around 3rd grade is when I watched my first anime Gundam Wing, though I just called it a cartoon back then. My first taste of Japan came several years later with the anime Ronin Warriors.

My love and knowledge of Japanese and by extend Asian culture has only blossomed since then, but I by no means no everything about it nor will I ever. I try my hardest not to come off as one of those types who only knows Japan through popular media, not everyone in Japan and China knows martial arts, Ninjas didn't wield shuriken the size of a small child, and monks can't make people explode with a tap on the stomach.

Not to say I don't love those weird and wacky things you see in media but I put them in their place as fantasy and strongly wish to understand everything I can about the culture, though interested in Japanese culture is far from my only cultural curiosity.

I want to apologize if I misuse or misinterpret things or butcher Japanese from time to time, I don't mean to offend and am more then happy and strongly desire for my ignorance to be corrected so I can be all the better for it. Can't say how often I'll be around but it may be more then you think, nice to meet you all.

(P.S.- This name is not my normal internet handle, that is JakeCWolf, I chose this one as it seemed a little more fitting and did "Last name first" thing as well as I understand is common in Japan, or atleast was once, may be wrong about that now. X3 )

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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HI Jake ! Glad you found us. Hope your weather is better down there than up here in Maine. Getting an early winter this year. Lot of nice people here , hope you enjoy it.
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