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Kon Ban Waaaa! Kanji! Love! question


8 Jan 2003
Good Evening everyone!

I'm studying Japanese now and I would need some help on techniques on memorizing Kanji, and how I could become more proficient in them. Another question,

How do you say "I love you "(to a girl) in japanese?

LEt me explain myself. the thing is I like this Japanese girl in school and I well want to express how I feel about her. The problem is I am only in second year Japanese, (second semester) yet this is REALLY important.

HELP a poor GUY in LOVE =)
Watashi ha Anata wo Aishite imasu.
but it's very bashfulness word for Japanese.
so...I think you'd best to say, just,
Suki desu.
Boku to Tsukiatte kudasai.

Cheer up!
Thanks Luzie. I still need help though. What would I have to do to make her like ME? I don't want to offend her but at the same time it seems I'm trying too hard.

guy in Love

I'm not literally poor, it's just my desperate feelings.


Reply kudasai!
If she wants to get to know you she'll probably want to see the real you. Not the you trying to impress her all the time.

Make your good impression once or twice but don't forget to show the real you.
Welcome to life!
If you're not prepared to take risks, you will never achieve anything.
Trust me, it's worth the risk. Even if you do get rejected, you will surely come out of the experience stronger.
Stronger for the next crush in your life.

So much for all the clichテゥs. Here's a tip:
It's Valentines day soon! A good opportunity send her a card. Perhaps with some lyrics of an X-Japan song she might recognize.
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