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Komuro remarries


15 Apr 2002
Komuro married Keiko from Globe yesterday.

hmmm ... thank goodness it wasn't the airhead kahala.
Ignorance wo yurushite, but whos Komuro and whos Keiko?
And whos Kahala?

dampener wo gomenne..............
This is about producer Tetsuya Komuro and Globe leadsinger Keiko.
Airhead Kahala is actually Tomomi Kahala, who can't sing that well and, according to Moyashi, is not very bright. She looks very cute though.

I think Komuro had no choice to marry her now, otherwise Globe's new member Yoshiki would have probably won her heart. :)
hehe, yeah, Kahala is pretty cute. Too bad she was hospitalized for falling off her horse (I think that's what it was). The Japanese used to poke stabs at her and Komuro relationship and how he was robbing the cradle.

Yeah, but Yoshiki is probably still stuck in his commune or something. I don't think that Keiko would go for that, but you never know.
Stuck in his commune? I think you're mixing him up with Toshi, the former leadsinger of X-Japan.
Thanks twisted.

Once again, late night postings get me.
Yoshiki has actually been quite busy with his own recordcompany Extasy-Records, producing for artists like Revenus, Beast, Shiro and Kudo Shizuka.
Aside from that, he has also been working on a new music-project called Violet UK.
Yoshiki + Kudo Shizuka about 8-10 years ago were living together in LA ... and wasn't he caught for DWI/DUI or was it her?

Am I wrong again? lolo ...

Kudo Shizuka was my first favorite Japanese Idol. I even have her [shashin shu] photo book album. I was slightly devasted when she married Kimura Takuya.

She isn't really a good singer that's for sure but her songs where popular with a certain type of women ... haha ... like my wife.

Jaguar Line ...
Ah, what a burden that man carries with him. So many women, so little time. But if that is what keeps him inspired and creative, than the man has got to do what the man has got to do.

Does anybody have a jobopening for an upcoming bigtime producer like me? :p
To reach Komuro's stage of happiness, you first have to marry three times and spend 1 billion ¥ in alimony, lol. Anyhow, in 5 years I will ask you for a job.
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