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30 Jul 2002
Yes, just got a ticket to see the Taiko group Kodo, when they perform here in Toronto. I have seen a few taiko groups before, but this will be my first experience with Kodo. I can't wait.
Ahh yes... Taiko! Have never seen Kodo perform although I did spend a good year practicing with the Naganamu Hyaku-nen Taiko Club as part of my cultural immersion. Taiko is definitely something anyone can get into given enough time and patience (and practice of course). I've always been a fan of music, but something about Taiko and the sound of the drums resonates deep within your soul when you hear a song being performed in unison by several groups. I hope you enjoy the show and let us all know how the performance was.
Kodo kicks ***; you will love it. I've only seen them once but I wish I had made an effort to see them more when I had the chance.

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