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Know any good Payment Gateways?


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
I got a project coming up that requires online commerce. I've been doing some research and so far Paypal, comes up real high on my top whish list of payment gateways. Does anyone has any experience with it? Can anyone recommend others? And why?

Thanks :)
I'm using Paypal, and so far I'm very happy with them. I transferred only smaller sums, but never experienced any problems.

There are other opinions though

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PayPal is good; bank payment method. But, remember that PayPal is a thirth person, there is to say: a midleman bank, and if you don`t keep track of you transaction, that can be very messy.

It is good way to pay via PayPal if you buy anything. But, if you sell over seas, you can end up pay fees to PayPal for conversion fees and service fees. That can amount to good percentage of money.

It is good idea to read very carefull, everything concern the service with PayPal: especially the fine print.

Also be sure you have the tall free phone number of PayPal. If you like to have this number, just e-mail me, and i will send to you.
I can`t post here their ph. #. They try to keep it the secret. Don`t know wy, but they doing perty good to not let people known.

Also, is good idea to pay via PayPal with credit cards and not direct deposit from your bank account. Since you don`t have much securithy or complaining about an item, if you use direct deposit.


Thanks for the very useful information. :)

Meanwhile I got disconnected from the e-commerce project but I do know that it did go ahead and they had chosen the gateway I had chosen: Paypal.
Be careful, there's currently a bogus email circulating, posing as a Paypal email that invites you to "reactivate" your Paypal-account by filling in your all your creditcard information.

This is obviously a fraud and does not originate from Paypal.
Watch out for this one if you have a Paypal account.
Never fill in your creditcard information in an email-form.
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