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Kitajima Saburo Parody


15 Nov 2002
I'm looking for info on which Kouhaku or which shows had both Kitajima Saburo (famed enka singer and actor) and Kinashi Noritake of Tunnels (Tonneruzu Modern Japan - Famous Japanese - Comedians) together, where Noritake was doing a parody version of Saburo as "Norisabu" or "Saburnori" or some character name like that?

Anybody living in J-land know?

Norisabu did an excellent job mimicking Saburo...and I saw once when one other guy was also mimicking Saburo, and the threesome did a comedic sing along of a parody of Saburo, himself.....

Looking for show title and year it was done....believe it was either one of the kouhaku shows or a New Year special show, but there may have been others....

thanks in advance... :D
I don't remember seeing a special with Kitajima and Kinashi as Kitajima together, but I did see a brief scene of Kinashi mimicking Kitajima on a Tunnels special this past year... I think it was some sort of Tunnels Autumn Special. That was a bizarre scene as there were three rather absurd "enka" parodies there:

Kinashi as Saburo Kitajima
The other Tunnels member (name?) as Hiroshi Itsuki
Another comedian as Shinichi Mori

All were pretty dead-on in their parody of each individual's singing style... I don't know if that's what you saw, but if it wasn't it does show that their "enka" parodies are a semi-regular feature on their shows.

I like their music video parodies a lot as well...

yeah, back in the early '90's, I recall on the Tunnels show where they did a parody using the Village People's tune YMCA and instead of singing "YMCA" they sung "Mayuge ga sugei" meaning "The Eyebrows are wild" using the Spitting Image characatures of the prime minister at the time, Murayama, who did have some funky eyebrows that really were wild.... :D
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