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Kinnikuman (Ultimate muscle)


11 Jul 2003
Hey....does anyone watch Ultimate muscle? I think it might be called something else in Japan....maybe Kinnikuman something. It says something in the titles about being part of the Kinnikuman legacy....about the son of Kinnikuman...Mantaro Kinnikuman...I think.?

Anyway...I think it's pretty good...it's a bit purile but I like that....lots of fart jokes and pee-ing yourself type situations!?! Be nice to hear from anyone else who watches it and likes it too.....I love the character names.."Dick-dick van dick", "Wally tusket" and the commentator "Doc Nokano" he he...

Ja mata ne
*nods* it's called kinnikuman. "niku" is the name for meat (fighting vipers!!!).
i picked it up for a second, then realized it was the cn version, and put it back down. i'll get the unrated version eventually. it's been on the super famicom, gamecube, etc etc etc. don't know if the games are any good -- check gamefaqs.com
I Thought Woman Controled The ...

"ULTIMATE MUSCLE" ? HUMMM, or does "IT" belong to man????


Hey....niku does mean "meat" but Kinniku means "muscle" so I guess it's "muscle-man"....just been looking on www.yesasia.com at loads of DVD's for sale of it. I don't think it's the american dubbed version tho!

They are a bit expensive too...I'll just keep watching it on Toonami!
or like meathead/musclehead, etc etc etc... they are a bit synonymous (sp)
to answer mr white's question: yes, of course

ooh, i just found some translated manga! the creator's group is named yudetamago btw
I use to love those toys when I was young. I would always get a truck-load when me and my family would go to the swapmeet. Ahhh, I miss the good ol' days.
I like it a lot.

Saw the game at AX last year, and just had to go out and buy it. Its ridiculously fun.
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