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Kimono and Obi?

Malice Mices

11 Jul 2003
Hello! I was just wondering, I read somewhere that in the old days, when women wore kimono and obi, it symbolised somthing about thier personalities. Is this true? I know it will sound silly, but my friend and I are making Kimono and Obi and we'd like to know what differnt colors for obi and kimono represent. 😊 And yes, we do relize no one wares them anymore...but they're so pretty and we couldn't help but make them 😄
I don't know whether you're familiar with medieval heraldry, but kimono are about as complicated. Traditionally, colors and patterns change according to the season; the way the obi was worn was also a social status indicator (Japanese hookers at one time wore their obi tied in front because it was easier to take it off and put it back on in their line of work).

I'm far from being an expert on the matter, but I find that there is little in terms of the history of kimono in comparison to how to make and wear them in English, yet these links may help...


PS Plenty of people still wear kimono, here and abroad, daily...
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arigato tasuki san! well when i went to japan, all the students and teachers told me that only the elderly still ware them, So I'm just going by what they said. Anyway, thank you very much for the link!

*read read*

yaay!! though, drat, I better tell my friend not to make the sleeves too short, I'm not married yet :p I hope we have enough material though
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