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Kimjongilia - N. Korea bluffing?


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14 Mar 2002
Sunday marked the Great Leader's birthday, and his propaganda machine is raising the volume. Just rethorics?

N. Korea says ready to scrap Korea War armistice

North Korea said Tuesday it may abandon the cease-fire agreement that effectively ended the 1950-1953 Korean War if the United States imposes sanctions over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons development. Pyongyang has ''no option but to take a decisive step to abandon its commitment'' to the 1953 armistice agreement, North Korea said through its official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

=> http://home.kyodo.co.jp/all/display.jsp?an=20030218030

Here's what the official Korean Central news Agency has to say:

Truth about emergence of nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula disclosed

The nuclear issue emerged on the Korean Peninsula because the U.S. has posed a constant nuclear threat to the DPRK after massively deploying nuclear weapons in and around South Korea. The U.S. adopted it as its policy to deploy nukes in South Korea and worked hard to turn it into a nuclear base. Right after the ceasefire of the June 25 war, the U.S. declared South Korea as its "vital operation theatre" for carrying out its strategy to dominate Asia and the rest of the world and adopted it as its policy to convert South Korea into its nuclear base.

=> http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2003/200302/news02/18.htm#4

Below: "A mass gymnastic display titled "Under the banner of army-based policy" participated in by 10,000 students and children"

Below: The Great Leader even gave his name to a flower. "The 6th Kimjongilia show"

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