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Killing off North American natives

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14 Mar 2002
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That got your attention, right?! :D

Japan to Kill Off Foreign Fish at Palace

Something fishy is lurking in the moat ringing Japan's imperial palace _ an American invasion that Japan says must be stopped. Fearful indigenous Japanese fish are being wiped out by foreign fish like bluegill and black bass, the Environment Ministry said Thursday it will begin draining sections of the moat to kill off the North American natives.

"We just cannot stand there watching our indigenous fish, such as gobies, being eaten up by such strong foreign species," ministry spokeswoman Sae Sato said. The decline of native Japanese species, such as the southern top-mouthed minnow, deep crucian carp and the flat bittering, has been a growing concern in Japan since foreign fish were introduced decades ago by sports anglers.

=> http://asia.news.yahoo.com/030213/ap/d7p5t1m80.html

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