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Kill Bill vol. 1

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26 Feb 2003
Caught this earlier tonight as it opened nationwide today. Anyone else seen it or planning on seeing it? Definitely... different from Tarentino's previous work. On the whole, a lot more bloody too (not that that's a bad thing 8-p). Interestingly enough, a great deal of the film takes place between two locales in Japan and much of the dialogue is in Japanese with English subtitles. Without revealing any spoilers i'd be interested to hear what others thought about the film after seeing it. Personally, I thought Sonny Chiba's few scenes were fantastic.
Can't Wait !!

I'm going with my buddy to see it Sunday. The news tonite said the second half is coming out in February. I'm also getting to meet my buddy's girlfriend for the first time so double the excitement for me. All the previews look great !

This film wasn't bad for Tarantino, but he pinched so much from old Japanese and 70's flicks that it was kind of annoying at times. It was definitely quite visceral and there was quite a bit of violence, but it was all homage to old Japanse samurai movies/martial arts movies--more comical than anything. I would have preferred that it not have been cut into two films, though. It didn't lend well to his non-linear storytelling.

All-in-all, it was interesting, but I don't think it was Tarantino's best because of all of the borrowed styles and techiniques he was paying homage to. It definitely had his mark, though, and I wasn't upset I saw the film, by any means, but I could have waited for both parts to come out before I watched it. This would have made for a more pleasing viewing, I think.

Oh, and I don't know about your theatres wherever you may watch it, but I think the music was mastered way too loud on purpose and this was quite jolting to me! I don't like bombastic music if it's going to crush my ear drums! ; )

Anyway, go and watch it and have a good time... and don't fret too much about the violence. It's all style over substance or social commentary!

a very good film, and yeah i would've preferred one, four hour film over two, two hour films. especially after seeing the first one i dont want to wait until febuary to see the second part.
Just got home from seeing it !

Think I blew my bladder up not wanting to leave the film for a minute. It had so much action ,sitting through the previews seemed longer then the movie. Just getting into it and it was over ! February is going to seem like forever to get here. I wonder how many gallons of blood they used?

I saw it and thought it was an insult to the idea of the samurai. It would have been a good movie if they would have gone with someone besides Truman. I thought it was a bit over the top with blood and gore. Truman would have died a dozen times in that movie, but Hollywood never does its homework when it comes to the reality of things . That's just my view. The best part of the movie was Chiaki Kuriyama whopping some ***!
That's an interesting take you had on the movie Justin because the idea of Thurman's character as some kind of psuedo-samurai never crossed my mind. She was an assassin out for revenge and even more poignantly was the fact that she used the favored weapons of her enemies against them (Vernita Green: Knives, O-Ren Ishii: Katana) And you're right about it being over the top on a few occasions although I suspect this may have even been deliberately intended. Tarentino probably knew he was going to take a lot of flak for the excessive violence that runs rampant in this film (hence the two volumes as opposed to one bloody marathon) so a little campiness here and there along with some cheesy wirework probably helped to lighten the mood of viewers.

"Truman would have died a dozen times in that movie, but Hollywood never does its homework when it comes to the reality of things ."

Of course she would have (I thought the same thing at several points during the movie), but this is a Tarentino film and an escapist fantasy chock full of viscera and eyecandy to keep our attention onscreen, not to provoke thoughts of what should be realistic. I'm sure the upcoming "Last Samurai" film /w Tom Cruise wil give a more accurate portrayal of swordfighting (nowhere near as prolonged and drawn out as the fights in Kill Bill) but you just gotta take it for what it's worth at face value: something fun and bloody to add to our pop culture infatuation with all things Japanese done Tarentino-style. 8-p

I really liked the end of the movie when that one girl gets eaten by the police dogs! What an ending, you know? I mean you think she got away from the girl who wears pink but then all the sudden those police dogs come out of nowhere. It was a sad ending to an overall cool movie.


Hmm...there's already another topic about this over in the movies section of the board.

Anyway, I liked the movie. I'm not fond of a ton of violence and blood though but it was still well done and I had already expected there to be disturbing scenes since it's rated R. So I knew what I was getting into when I went to see it.

I thought it was cool how they had Yakuza in the movie. I'm always interested in anything having to do with them.

I also liked the music in the film. I think I'll probably end up buying the soundtrack.
I haven't seen it, don't know if I will any time soon, but just FYI, Uma's sword technique was roundly trounced as "bad, of so bad" on some Japanese sword art forums. Sure, sure, stage fighting all that, but Uma apparently spent a lot of time studying and that seemed to get under some peoples' skin.

What about stereotyping of Asians and all that?
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