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Kill bill translation


15 Mar 2002
hi... im just starting to learn japanese as a second language and i love all things japanese, especially art, clothes, architecture, movies... everything. but i live for kill bill! i absolutely loved it... its what finally pushed me to learn the language.

I was hoping one of you fluent peole would be able to help me with a translation from the movie... i really want to know the japanese translation sofie fatale makes of o-ren's speech to the crime council... "as your leader..."

if you think you can help I'd really appreciate the romaji and hiragana/katakana translations... the actual speech contains bad language, but I've posted the english version on my website and if you are actually generous enough to help me out you can email me from the website... or view my forum profile... send a private message etc;.

thanks to anyone that can lend any help...
i've been looking for the same thing! so check my post for new replies as well, and i'll be sure to let you know if anyone comes through with a translation.

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