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Kikujiro's Summer


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14 Mar 2002
Tonight I have finally watched "Kikujiro's Summer" (Kikujiro no natsu). It's a very atypical road-movie produced and directed by Takeshi Kitano that tells the story of a friendship between Kikujiro, a grumpy ex-yakuza and Masao, a little boy searching for his mother who abandoned him when he was still a baby. Narrated in short episodes, the movie meanders between naive estheticism and soft comedy that appears childish at times. Exceptional, but not outstanding.

Definitely outstanding: Joe Hisaishi's piano compositions (he also composed the music for "Hanabi" and "Dolls", Takeshi's latest movie).

For more serious reviews see the links below:

=> Midnight Eye review: Kikujiro (Kikujiro no Natsu, 1999, Takeshi KITANO)

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I've seen this one a while ago. Subtle slapstick. It's leaning towards the absurd sometimes. Very enjoyable.
Definitely not the usual Takeshi stuff if you've seen "Sonatine" or "Hanabi". Actually Takeshi and his team are experienced in slapstick, his TV-show "Takeshi-jou" (Takeshi's Castle) was a pandaemonium of such "subleties".
I enjoyed it a lot.. its been a while that i have seen it ( around a year ago) but a verry great relation they have in it!!

i love the piano play in it also called "summer" , maybe i want that song on my wedding..
I thought that was a beautiful film. I cried at the end. Takeshi Kitano is my favourite! Battle Royale and Zatoichi are great films. You can tell his films a mile away, he has a very distinctive sense of humour. Takeshi's Castle is funny - I like Jo Michiru, he is cute. 😊
I have it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The relationship between the hard yakuza and the boy was just great. It was nice to see how he came to like the boy in the end.
I saw this movie a few months ago and I have to say I loved it. I cried also in the end (I'm a big movie crier). But its one of my favorites. I liked Takeshi in BR and this movie too. I really liked how all these people tried to make the little boy happy. It was a great movie.
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