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Keys & Heel

10 Jun 2016
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KEYS & HEEL collaborate with Japan-based animator on their debut single Naptime

The official music video for "Naptime" by KEYS & HEEL directed by Motion Designer Santeri Piilonen. Video is a colorful journey through a dreamland.

Naptime was created during our first session together. The only thing missing was the visual world we wanted to build around the sound. We’ve always been fond by the timeless visual elements as well as the sense of nostalgia that animations have. Santeri was the first one we thought of to create the video, and he immediately realized what vibes we were going for. It all came together really naturally” - KEYS & HEEL - [email protected]

Video Credits
Directed by: Santeri Piilonen
Animation & Illustrations: Santeri Piilonen
Rainbow, Clouds & Unicorns: Olli Kilpi
Music: Keys & Heel

Keys & Heel | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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