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Article Kenrokuen Garden

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15 Mar 2002
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Kenrokuen Garden

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Kenroku-en (兼六園, "The Garden of the Six Attributes") is one of the three Great Gardens of Japan, along with Kairaku-en in Mito and Kōraku-en in Okayama. Kenroku-en is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, and was founded in the early 17th century the Maeda clan who ruled the Kaga Domain until the Meiji Restoration. Both Maeda Toshitsune (前田利常, 1594-1658), the second Kaga daimyō, and Maeda Tsunanori (前田綱紀, 1643-1724) are credited as the founders of the gardens. Tsunanori, the third daimyō, is said to have built the Renchiochin house in 1676. The garden was greatly expanded by the 11th daimyō, Maeda Narinaga (前田斉広, 1782-1824) and his son Nariyasu (前田斉泰, 1811-1884).

Based on the description of the Luoyang Gardens of the Chinese Sung dynasty, the name 'Kenroku-en'...

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