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6 Nov 2003
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What is the difference between the two?

What I heard was Kendo is a more "modern" type of kenjutsu. Can anybody explain more specifically?

Eve said:
What is the difference between the two?
The History of Kendo
On the other hand, as peaceful times continued, while Kenjutsu developed new graceful techniques of the Ken created from actual sword battling skills, Naganuma Shirozaemon-Kunisato of the Jiki-shinkage-ryu school developed a new foundation in techniques of the Ken. During the Shotoku Era (1711-1715) Naganuma developed the of Kendo-gu (protective equipment) and established a training method using the Shinai (bamboo-sword). This is the direct origin of present day Kendo discipline. Thereafter, during the Horeki Era (1751-1764), Nakanishi Chuzo-kotake of Itto-ryu started a new training method using an iron Men (headgear) and Kendo-gu made of bamboo, which became prevalent among many schools in a short period of time.
thanks for the link. Funny picture lol
I am a kendoka and the main difference is that in kendo you actualy spar while in kenjitsu it is more of just katas (forms)
Kenjutsu is the more traditional art of the sword. Covers many aspects and weapons. Yes, there is sparring within it too, both bokken and shinai sparring.

Kendo would be more a long the lines of a sport form of kenjutsu.

Yes, I know this is really keeping it simple, there's a whole history behind it all if you're interested in looking it up. I'm sure I'll have a few students drop in and correct some of my post as well.
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