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14 Mar 2002
I found this article at JapanNewbie's forum (thanks Harvey!).

In Japan, Cute Conquers All

=> businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/jun2002/nf20020625_7574.htm

Here's a link to the Cawaii! magazine mentioned in the article

=> e-cawaii.net (in Japanese)

"Cawaii! Girls Close-up!"

=> e-cawaii.net/girls/index.html (in Japanese)
closing statement of the article nailed it pretty close I thought.

Japanese men like cute women. Which was great for me since I never had troubles with my friends. We'd target a pair, he choose his type and so did I. Few times did we argue about the division.

So, connected to the [lolicon] Lolita Complex that many men suffer from I'm not too surprised that cute sells.

Women, after giving birth to a child or when they enter their 30's give up on trying to stay young. If not, younger girls will go on and on about these ladies trying to look young like they do.
( [baba] old hag starts at about 26-27 )

Let's also throw in here that most schools make students were uniforms. hmmm, I wonder why ;)
I wish...

girls like that were at my school. I've met a few girls like that. Sometimes they freak me out. But its cool to borrow a pencil or two and see what it does.
The other day at a school festival [gakko sai] at the school I teach at 2 girls came in. From the distance I could see to bleah out heads and full kawaii attire. Lo and behold they were my students from last year.

dang, I just rolled over laughing.
How can you stand all that tempting cuteness around you?
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