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Katakana City


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14 Mar 2002
New Yamanashi city to be named Minami-Arupusu (南アルプス市)

Somebody is smoking dope.

Difinition of "city" needs to be re-examined ...
This new city is ripping off "Niseko" which isn't a city but 1 of 2 I've heard that there was another "non-city" down in Honshu (the main island) but I never could remember the name.

Most like this new city is aiming for a noteriety to boost tourist counts.

lolo ... give me a break.
It took me a while to catch the meaning of "arupusu", hehe...
@ arupusu
That reminds me of this time when I was looking for a Mariah Carey CD in Japan. I had to look for it in katakana, and I had a lot of trouble till I could find it, take a look: Mariya kyrie, all written in katakana... :p
南アルプス市 is only city named in katakana, newspaper said.

@ Mariah Carey = マライヤ キャリー :)
There's a city in Saitama that's in hiragana.
And the not a city but a town or village in Hokkaido is Niseko.

hehe, but Minami Alps is cheating. It's not a true all katakana name ;) It uses a Kanji so boo-boo no go. Suskino in Sapporo is susuki in hiragana and no is in Kanji.

oh well, it's a good publicity ploy though.
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