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14 Mar 2002
Tonight I have added a new feature to the board called the Karma Hack. Well, it is less metaphysical than it sounds, but I hope it will add more interactivity to the Japan Forum.

The basic idea is that each registered member will be able to collect "Karma points" by starting new threads and by replying to existing threads. Furthermore, thread owners (members who start threads) receive a given number of points once thread views exceed a certain number. The same applies to the number of replies within a thread.

In order to prevent members from posting useless or nonsensical messages admins and moderators are authorized to delete Karma points. On the other hand, they can also grant additional points for outstanding threads and messages.

All registered members can comment on other members' posts. If they agree with a message, the original poster will be credited Karma points. If they disagree however, Karma points will be deducted.

As far as I can say this modification seems to work fine. A few members have already started to collect Karma points tonight. I still have to think about the exact number of points credited for each specific action and do some cosmetic adjustments. I will post more info tomorrow.
Points allocated to registered members:

New thread: 3 points
Reply: 1 point

Points allocated to thread's owner if their thread's replies exceed a given number:

5 replies: 1 point
10: 2 points
15: 3 points
20: 4 points
25: 5 points

Points allocated to thread's owner if their thread's views exceed a given number::

20 views: 1 point
30: 2 points
40: 3 points
50: 4 points
100: 8 points

Additional points given to member by admin/moderators:

1 point each

Points allocated to thread's owner if users agreed/disagreed with their thread:

+1/-1 point

May the force be with you! ;)
Let's hope nobody will start to see it as a competition.

I've seen boards where a similar system is used to moderate the postings, and people started to complain about the system because they didn't agree with the way they were moderated. Naturally the complaints were posted in between the regular postings and became annoying. Eventually a new forum was started especially for moderation-complaints.

I hope it will work here though.

I have thought about the aspect of competition as well, but I am confident board members will not engage in posting sprees just in order to increase their "karma". I view the hack more as an additional info for visitors, depicting each member's activity level. But heck, if it causes any stir, it's deinstalled in just a wink! ;)
Most members probably won't even notice it! :D

That's a disadvantage of bulletin board systems in general and vBulletin in particular: they are a bit too complex. Most of the functions are obsolete as they are hardly ever used.
In the course of the latest forum upgrade we decided to save resources and did not add the Karma hack anymore.
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