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Article Kannonzaki Park

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15 Mar 2002
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Kannonzaki Park

Cape Kannon, located in the city of Yokosuka just south of Yokohama, is the easternmost part of the Miura Peninsula. Kannonzaki Park (観音崎公園) offers a lot of attractions and sights and is a beautiful place to spend a day of fun and relaxation if you live in Tokyo or Yokohama.

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Kannonzaki is of cinematographic fame: it is the location where the film monster Godzilla made its first landfall before heading for Tokyo. It is also assumed to be one of the places mentioned in Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels'. Although "Xamoschi" the small town where Lemuel Gulliver landed might have been in fact Shimosa Province north of Tokyo Bay, Yokosuka City holds an annual Gulliver-Kannonzaki festival in November in which members of the U.S. Navy base dress up as Gulliver and parade through the streets.

Most of the cape is now part of Kannonzaki Park with its most famous landmark, the Kannonzaki Lighthouse (観音埼灯台)....

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