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Kanji strokes



i have this nice book that i'm learning my first kanji from and i do find that i've easily committed them to memory. i can even copy them down gleefully when asked to do so... however... i worry that i'm not doing the strokes in the correct order. my katakana and hiragana books clearly show the order of the strokes but not this book... can anyone recommend a book for learning the strokes of kanji?
Hi, I'm a newbie as well.
Have a look at this site, I'm sure I found it on the board before. Leave the settings at grade 1 and click "select" it then brings up the first 80 Kanji. If you click on anyone it then shows you the detail which includes a cool "quicktime" movie of it being written.
Hope this helps

Vashon's Kanji Viewer

nice, but i do need a book. sitting in my computer room is not condusive to my writing characters. i have my entire collection of japanese learning materials set up elswhere in the house, with all my inkstones and such. it's much easier to prop up a book and go from there...

thanks though! :)
arigato gozaimasu!

that's exactly what i'm looking for. i have a kanji learner's dictionary but they only put nembers next to the strokes, however, for some of them i'm squinting up next to the page trying to see where the 21st or 22nd strokes are. i also have a book that explains some of the more common kanji so you can see what the ideogram is supposed to be, but it gives you no clues on the appropriate stroke order.

on a different note: i was hopping up and down excited the first time i saw a character and understood it without thinking.
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