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Kanji lineup


9 Jan 2004
Hi, here at this link
David Hallgren's Japanese Page

the guy lines up kanji by grade.

Now, i know in school (elementary school etc.) they learn the children kanji too.

Is this list correct ? And if so, can i find another version of this list with a word of explanation? Because there is no translation or whatever.

I mean there are books for learning kanji etc, but isn't it better to learn them the same way the japanese do starting in elementary school ? Or isn't it?

What's the general opinion over here ?

Thanks !
Kanji meaning

Hi there, thanks for linking to my page. 😄

Trust me, I've started entering meanings into the datebase, I've done about 200 keywords today, which I will upload tomorrow. I've also developed a test for learning a keyword for each kanji, as James Heisig recommends when learning kanji. This method is extremly useful. I started my japanese studies a couple of weeks ago and my kanji studies 5 days ago and I know the keyword for at least 250 of the jouyou kanji already. I hope you find the test useful as a tool for learning kanji, and as I said, the meanings will start to come up in the next few days. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can improve the site, please post them here.
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Well i have to say, your site is pretty usefull !

For the moment i use "Remembering the Kanji". It's a book with the kanji in it, but always with a small story next to them so you'd remember the kanji by thinking of the story. And with the stroke order of the kanji.

You can download the first chapter for free, it's on the internet somewhere but i forgot where. It's pretty handy.

Anyway, I can't wait for your site update to come. I'm looking forward to it.
The best motivation for me is people using the site, so I decided to upload the test for the kanji-keywords right now. Please try it out and tell me what you think. I'm using the keywords from the first chapter that you can download freely since I dont have the book, but I'm planning to order it soon. I've changed 1 or 2 keywords because I thought they were better suited, if I'm wrong on any of them, please correct me.

PS. Beautiful designs and logos on your webpage! 😲
Kanji keywords are fine for verbs and adjectives but the meaning can change quite dramatically.
The much used example is 切手, but i also like 決死

Your much better off learning hiragana and katakana before trying kanji. Learning the readings is much better than keywords, by thinking in english you are slowing yourself down and going to hobble yourself when it comes to grammar.

Thats a great list tho, ive never seen the juyou list in order for the years like that. If you want a hand i can help up till the highschool list 🙂 Might be worth splitting them up again a bit more, the high school list could be a little more readable.

(lol, i like 露 tsuyu on the end, dont recognize all the ones in between tho >_<)

ps, do you have a contact address? theres a few keywords that are misleading, hada 肌 is best described as skin and need to weed out the less useful ones like shou 硝
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Hi Ewok!

After I read http://www.kanjiclinic.com/kc2final.htm and a couple of other columns about kanji learning I decided to go with this method. It seems very logical and gives me a map in my head with each kanji having a keyword. Then when I learn new meanings and on- and kun-reading I just place them on the map next to the keyword, but the keyword helps find this place in my head in no-time. Maybe this is not the perfect way to learn kanji but it seems to work for many people, including me.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me split up the grades 7, 8, 9 to make the list easier to use. And if you have any comments about the keywords, please tell me but I don't want to change any thing to drastic from Heisigs book since the test I supposed to be used together with it.

I'm working on a flashcard type of kanji test as well for learning readings and meanings, it should be done in the next couple of weeks or so I hope.

I don't know enough japanese to write any lessons or so to create an on-line resource for learning the language, but if anyone on this forum has written such things but don't know where to post it, please contact me and I will create a section for that on my page.
Wow, that's quite a site! Very useful. Gotta bookmark this one. :)
Looks like I'm mostly in grade 3 now. Better keep working more. *lol*
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