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Kanji Kentei June 19, Registration Closes March 19

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Anyone else going to take the KK next month? If you're in Japan and you've never tried it, consider giving it a go. You can register online or most bookshops have the forms and can help you register the old-fashioned way.


The levels run from 10 through 1, with 10 through 5 following the list of kanji covered in each successive grade of elementary school in Japan. There is still enough time between now and exam time to review or even learn enough to boost yourself up a level by then.

Sample exams for each level are available here: 問題例 | 漢検の概要 | 日本漢字能力検定

The links marked 検定問題 are the test papers and the links marked 標準解答 are the answer keys. Give yourself 60 minutes for the test. Passing is 70% for all but the top three levels (which are 80%). You can take up to four levels of the test on the same day if you wish, so it isn't the do-or-die 一発勝負 proposition that the JLPT is.
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