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Kanji kentei (漢字検定)

13 Jan 2005
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I have some questions about this 'kanji proficiency test'. What I currently know about this 1h long test it is that the candidate must be able to write kanji with the correct stroke order, ateji, and attain a high score(70~80%) in order to pass.

-Does the 漢字検定 contain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)? If yes, are they tougher than the ones in the JLPT?

-Does the material in level1 cover parts of the Japanese language used before WWII ?

-Is level1 actually meant for PHD holders of the Japanese language?

-In order to pass level1, must you know all the on, kun, nanori, etc... readings of 6355 kanji?

I would appreciate additional information from those who took this test.
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