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Kanji in Genki


24 Jul 2013
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Hey! I'm just curious if I'll have to do any extra work after Genki 2. Genki 1 introduces a lot of kanji, but for most of them you're only required to learn the on or the kun readings exclusively (rarely both). Genki 2 kind of improves the situation by teaching you new readings for the kanji you've already learnt. However, I'm a bit confused... By the end of Genki 2, will the gaps in my knowledge be filled? Will I know the most relevant on and kun readings for all the 300 kanji taught in the course?


27 Feb 2013
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I don't think you should be worrying about trying to learn every single reading of a character - there's lots, and some are not very common.

I think your best bet is to just practice the words you learn with the kanji via Anki or something similar. (ankisrs.net)

In doing so you increase your vocabulary, and also naturally learn the different readings of a character. For example - 食べ物[たべもの]、食事[しょくじ]. You just learnt two readings of 食, as well as two new words. :)

Going through the kanji section of Genki should be fine. Some kanji can have very uncommon readings that you'll eventually pick up over time anyway, so I wouldn't stress. For example, 足袋[たび], 浴衣[ゆかた], etc. Once you've finished Genki 2, I definitely think you'll be ready to move on to the next set of kanji.
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