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Kanji for 'water'

Yes that's the correct kanji for cold water.
I suppose it's good for 'water garden'.
It is pronounced mizu alone or SUI in compounds.

But there is another kanji which best suits to hot water :

it is pronounced yu alone or in compounds.

I think it is used for hot springs or baths or something like that...
Ye serious????
Of course you are. I am only joking.
A water garden is a garden in which water plays a dominant, or, at least, a major role
In my own Japanese Garden there is a large pond of approximately a quarter acre. Within this there is a water fountain, and, of course, a waterfall
I also have a 'shishi odoshi' which is the famous Japanese Deer Scarer, a small bamboo waterfall, and a bamboo rill flowing into a 'tsukabai' in my Tea Garden. There is also a Tea Master's well.
All in all, although my garden is most definitely intended as a 'Japanese' garden it is also a 'water' garden
This is my waterfall
What a beautiful garden!! Was it hard to plan the placement of the different plants? The balance looks great!!
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