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Kanji ノート。。。。


10 Apr 2002
Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know where to get Kanji ノート like the ones used by students in Japan to study with? I have searched the internet without any luck. help!

Hi Dave, if you are referring to Kanji cards, you can order them through Amazon. Not sure about it, but I think Tuttle offers them.
You might wanna contact kinokuniya in LA Or in SF
You might be able to pick up the grade school drill books there.

I bought a set of kanji cards years and years ago. Better off making your own.

Get the Essential Kanji Book ... it has all the major kanji you need to know.
Also, a BIG Spamhadimonsky (errr what ever his name is) or the old stand by Nelsons kanji Dictionary.

Then build a notebook with all the kanji you see often enough to bother you.
You should build them in pairs whenever possible.

Then just read through the list everyday. Site recognition is by far useful since writting is done more now by computer than by pen.
I know this thread is a little old, but I have some books that are worth checking out....

Pict o graphix ISBN 0-9628137-0-2 (It uses pictures to learn Kanji)

Kanji Power ISBN 080481725-1 (very user friendly)

A Guide to Writing Kanji and Kana Book 1 ISBN 0-8-48-1686-7 (they also have a book 2)

The Complete Guide to Everyday Kanji ISBN 0-87011-793-9 (this is basic to heavy duty)

Kodansha's Compact Kanji Guide ISBN 4-7700-1553-4 (heavy duty)

I just only wish I could stick these under my pillow at night, and absorb these books' contents while sleeping!!!!!!!!!!


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