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Kami's Tuning.


26 Mar 2004
Right.... the topic title says it all. Can any of you lovely people give me links or any information on the tuning of Kami's kit, preferably just the toms, as I've got the bass-drum and snare sorted. It's just my band and I go to play our own songs and they all go quite well, but when it comes to a Mizer cover, it's like;
"Ohhh Aegen's going well children.. .. 😲 oh hang on that doesn't sound like the toms.... Amaya, you still have those toms tuned to Black-Metal style, don't you 😄 ....?" "....... :( *hangs heead in shame*" .
So yes. All help appreciated so on so forth, may you all live happily ever after, Amen.

Yes, I saw that in the Secret world of MM.
My kit is very closely modelled on that,except it's black.
However, it didn't give me any information on how he had his toms set up, and by set up I mean how they are tuned.
But thank you, anyway. I appreciate the help.
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