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Kamakura/Giant Buddha


8 Oct 2002
I just learned about Kamakura and the Giant Buddha

I am suprised I have "not" read about this as a tourist attrection; close to TOKOYO, Giant Buddha, surrounded by mountains and beaches !!

This sounds like a definite must to visit !!!

I was told that if you're in or close to Tokyo, Kamakura is a must to visit. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to go there yet.


Kamakura has my vote as an excellent daytrip from Tokyo!

The Daibutsu is to die for... (not literally) :D
A.S.A.P. PLEASE! I want to go and visit there.
Yes, I'm impulsive! Yes, I'm a wanderer! Yes, I'm a creature of no fear and 100% Tolerant of different cultures,
When are we going????? Geeeeeeeee I really wish I could go!!!!!🙂
How about envisaging a "Japanref Reunion"? Next year in Kamakura? ;)
"Been there" and would arrange to "do it again" if enough time were afforded.

Thomas... you are calling the shots here... give us a date and the name of a ryokan to meet at in Kamakura... or shut the hell up!

Still in planning stage. Check this board for further announcements.
This might help a bit in the planning stage. Everyone should fly into Narita Airport, then catch the JR Rapid Airport Narita train to Kamakura.

Where we should stay when we get to Narita is still in question. Any suggestions Thomas?
We either invade a local ryokan or build a laager right in Kamakura, lol.
So we have samuraitora, deborah gormley, moyashi, thomas and myself signed up for this "Japanref Reunion."

Will it just be us, or are there also other members interested?

In the planning stage it might be good to get a head count of those serious about this.
Dang, getting serious...

First, we have to find out who's really interested in a reunion. Guess I'll start a poll.

Then what about the date? Summer 2003?
I try to stay away from Japan in the Summer and Winter months.

My preference would be to do this in either Spring (if we can guess the week the Sakuras are blooming that would be best) or Autumn (early Autumn, once things have cooled down a bit, rather than late Autumn when it is already getting cold) of 2003.
hmmm, I thought this was an all expense payed trip?

If not, let's try shooting for the Snow Festival in Sapporo ;)
I could probably hook us up with a deal at a run down Zendo 20 minutes from downtown Tokyo. We would all have to pay our own way, but it would only be about 2,000 yen per night.
The great tsunami of 1495

The exact origins of this enormous statue of Buddha are, appropriately enough, rather mysterious. A wooden version purportedly precedes the bronze casting, which was completed in 1252. It remains Kamakura's most important, and therefore crowded, tourist site. The story behind the Great Buddha is as compelling as the statue itself. A large temple protected it from the elements until 1495, when a tsunami swept over Kamakura. When the waters receded, the temple was gone, but the Great Buddha remained.

Cast in bronze and weighing close to 850 tons, the Daibutsu is just over eleven meters tall. The latest repairs were completed in 1960, strengthening the neck and making it possible for the Buddha's body to move freely on the base to prevent damaging shock to the statue in the event of an earthquake. For 20 Yen (about 20 cents) visitors can ascend the narrow stairs and climb inside and marvel at this miraculous construction.

Source: http://www.sushicam.com/Journal entries/000708.htm
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