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Kaiten Zushi


4 Oct 2002
I LOVE sushi! I mean I love eating lots of it. It's a funny thing. I can eat say, thirty pieces, and go on to play a game of footie or basketball. That's the thing with fish, it goes down pretty well. In my case anyway. In Kyoto there are good places where you can get a plate of sushi for 100 yen. Two pieces on a plate. Quite cheap I guess for quality food. So being far away from Japan at the mo', kappa zushi is one of the things that I really miss not having around. What do you all think about it?!

P.S Anybody know a good kappa zushi place in London? :)
Move back ;)

Kaiten Sushi is pretty fun. Go in. Chow Down. Go Home. Make something to eat ... hahaha

I'm always hungry after eating sushi.

Word to the wise:
Don't mix watermelon or ice cream with sushi especially during the Summer. Something about the possibilty of bacteria and what not.

Interesting though, is that when I first came I could do things like that without a problem. but, the longer I stay the more my stomach tells me to be smart and listen to your wife's advice. Luckly, I haven't had any bad sushi yet.

Aparently, the damage is pretty bad and 2-3 days of toilet sentry is getting off easy.
Originally posted by moyashi
I'm always hungry after eating sushi.
Me too! After eating anything, really! LOL! Always gotta have something sweet afterwards. Back in Japan suikaba usually did the job.

This nice article says that it was 1958 when the inventor sushi chef Shiraishi opened the very first one ever, Mawaru Genroku-zushi in Osaka.

It's worth taking a look at a conveyor manufacturer's site too.

Who actually eats the watermelon at the Kaiten Zushi??? Im too busy stuffing my face with sushi in all its goodness
a few people, judging from last night (one of my main hangouts is a kaiten zushi establishment)...
and thanks for the FAT links! reading now...
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