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Kaikan Phrase's Lucifer?


13 Jul 2002
I was reading the manga Kaikan Phrase recently, and was wondering if anybody knew of connections between the visual group Lucifer depicted there and any real bands? Was there a group around called Aucifer or something like that?

Just curious... any help is most appreciated!

They spelled their name odd, but there was a band Lucifer.

I hated them.

I mean, why would you name your band after the angel of light, and be such a bland, redundant, weak band?

The band Aucifer (The A was written without the horizontal dash, and was thus to be pronounced as Lucifer (I think it's Greek)) was founded for the anime of Kaikan Phrase, so yes there's a huge connection. They did all the songs that the band in the series did.

They became quite popular when the series was running, but the band is already disbanded now.
OK, thanks... I thought I had heard something about a band/manga tie-in surrounding Kaikan Phrase, so I'm glad that's confirmed. I never actually heard Aucifer at all, so on everyone's recommendation... I think I'll stay as far away from them as possible...

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