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Kaeru Frogs, does anyone know where to get these?


28 Feb 2003
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get these Kaeru Frog charms? I found them on Garden-Gifts.com and japaneseweddinggifts.com, but they wanted like $9 for shipping. It was only a $1.50 to begin with. So, does anyone know where you can find them with cheaper, or no shipping?


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It seems a little hard to get info on them, I've been searching, but all I've found is that any frog figure that you carry around with you brings you good luck with money. If you put a charm (like thin pewter) in your wallet, it's supposed to bring money back to you. That sounds good to me. The little card that goes with the frog that you have found is a card that tells the traditional story. At least that is what I've been lead to believe. I don't know if you'll be able to find them anywhere else. I found them here
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I think you're going to pay the same for shipping costs no matter where you go online. Sorry I can't help you further, I'll keep a lookout though. 🙂:
I think they only way to get out of the shipping costs would be to find a Japanese store near you, n see if they have one or can order you one...
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