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15 Apr 2002
K1 was just held in Vegas. Anybody see it?

Japan's favorite boy, Bernardo was taken out real quick.
Fujiwara Norika was also there ... (drool) wearing a very nice red backless dress. Sorry ladies ... 😌
For all old jijis living behind the moon - such as I - what's K1?
K1 is an all around martial arts tournament but done like boxing.

muy thai, karate, judo, kick boxing, kungfu ... and what not.

It's a lot like boxiing but kicks, elbows, and knees are ok. Lot's of knock outs and injuries. So no pansies are allowed.
hehe, we get to see it every once in a while on TV for free. Too bad that it's still a bit heavy on the boxing side.

I like the old kick boxing association and their rule that you needed something like 10 kicks per round.

I'm the total kungfu animal style freak though :)

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