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K1 2003

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28 Aug 2003
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hey this is my first post.. meaning i'm very new here!!

so u guys r jap right? :)

Mike Tyson may appear in K1, that sounds awesome eh !

I would like to see him knock out Bob Sap(spelling) in the first round hahaa.

Souce: K-1 WORLD GRAND PRIX – Known as a kickboxing sport
TOKYO, August 25, 2003 -- Mike Tyson has signed an exclusive management contract with the K-1 organization. The agreement, inked in Los Angeles on August 23rd, does not cover boxing events in the USA. Other details are not being released at this time.

Iron Chef

26 Feb 2003
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His signing sounds like a gimmick to draw in the crowds (benefits K-1) considering he recently filed for bankruptcy (benefits Tyson). Tyson doesn't stand a chance. Anyone see the Lennox-Lewis match? He got mauled (no hyperbole)... In his prime, maybe... now? lol. His body doesn't have the conditioning to take the brutal punishment a well-trained K1 fighter can dish out. Tyson's power comes from his torso and a few well-placed kicks would probably drop him like a bad habit. He also has an incredibly short reach which is a definite liability in K-1. All that being said... I would still like to see him in action myself, heh.
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