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K1 2003


28 Aug 2003
hey this is my first post.. meaning i'm very new here!!

so u guys r jap right? :)

Mike Tyson may appear in K1, that sounds awesome eh !

I would like to see him knock out Bob Sap(spelling) in the first round hahaa.

Souce: K-1 WORLD GRAND PRIX – Known as a kickboxing sport
TOKYO, August 25, 2003 -- Mike Tyson has signed an exclusive management contract with the K-1 organization. The agreement, inked in Los Angeles on August 23rd, does not cover boxing events in the USA. Other details are not being released at this time.
His signing sounds like a gimmick to draw in the crowds (benefits K-1) considering he recently filed for bankruptcy (benefits Tyson). Tyson doesn't stand a chance. Anyone see the Lennox-Lewis match? He got mauled (no hyperbole)... In his prime, maybe... now? lol. His body doesn't have the conditioning to take the brutal punishment a well-trained K1 fighter can dish out. Tyson's power comes from his torso and a few well-placed kicks would probably drop him like a bad habit. He also has an incredibly short reach which is a definite liability in K-1. All that being said... I would still like to see him in action myself, heh.
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