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..Just woke up!


14 Apr 2004
Although a bit windy, today wos nice and sunny!
.. a day that I will miss as it is shifting to another winter!
Time smoked me away, as I got busy with one of these long paper/those never finishes.. when I moved to the yard it wos already getting darker/a day has just gone.. with the wind.
Found my self drinking a cool beer/as still warm.. waiting for my order/Lebanese herb Pizza.. chatting with a friend/laughing at the cook jokes ..I think she came to a point where she makes them up!/a true human whom never stop smiling!
A Japanese (I know cause I asked her!)/ Kawaii na onna noku/ stopped by and ordered some food.. I had to talk to her! We talked about so min and zaru soba (soba ni itte .. skoshi demu .. I have no clue why this Inka keeps playing around my head .. and always imagined the singer as a tree!). we found out that we are in fact neighbours ..and she promised to cook me so min and I promised to cook her lamb cooked in spenach (did I spill it wrong!) covered by pita bread and tzaziki sauce as I usually complicate things.. but maybe a glass of shiraz would simplify it. Did you plan for a good summer meal/cooking/or someone cooking for you?

Am I late to arrive?
Happy to be here.. seems a warm/home!

Last nite, kept working on ma paper 窶?ill my house mate got up to go to work/about 7 moornin.

Woke up at about 5eve.. met with a friend over a few plates of sushi at the Sushi Tram/this place has a looong little tram filled with small sushi plates circling/moving fast on this huge table/so we had to chase this tram to, basically, eat! :eek2: /funny but the last thing you wanna do! At one point I stoped/caught the tram and unloaded enough Magoros and ama ebis!

Jeisan.. birds will always show up for the water in your hands!



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Interesting, goma. Nice bird picture.

Is that your picture on your profile?

Welcome to the forum, by the way! 🙂

happy to be here..
yes its mine :)

birds message to the goddess!

Looking at the 窶藁e窶 we pray..
..we pray..
we pray..
for a joy
..for a rain..
we pray.. we pray!
many thanx goddess :redface:
..we pray
we pray.


Frank D. White,

Steven King said "If you have an imagination, let it run free."

now I have/(or at least) I think I have this 窶彗n imagination窶 but once I let it run free I have crisis chasing them/as they multiply so I just let it go.. let it go.. let it go (a song maybe!).

fields of respect to you/him.. for the fields in your mind/birds home!
To all Angles (here, there and beyond!)

: now I see how you dance on fields, my head is a field!

Together we unknot time!


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angels keeps dancin :)

I already feel home.. is it everyone or am I just lucky!

..still working on (this!) paper.. a break in between/back here/angels kept dancing!
and ..the paper is loonger than it should be!
..once again, my house mate, just woke up to go to work..
just time to let it go!

it does draw a smile on the face! (where else!) when you know your dream before you go to sleep!

playaa.. we finish a day with a dream start another with hope.. between both we draw/walk the line.

I made another friend! :)
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NANGI.. I have a collection of memories/photos (in my head!) of Osaka and friends, homma yo!

Eternal Wind..


My arms are open!



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HAHA Goma is great, this is one of most interesting member introduction conversations I have seen. :) :D
WOOOOOOW...when I read his posts I can imagine his words been spoken like they are repeated like an echo....freaky... ☝

Owh yeah...Nice to meet you hehe :)

After a week break, manly battling waves, never won the battle though!
as much as it scares, Ocean is very close, the way it responds to my invasion, when it sorrounds/hugs, swallows, and then when gets fed up and throughs me out!

Eternal Wind..

U all have a good day!


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